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ben lee fans
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This community is for fans of Ben Lee: songwriter, actor, and musician.

Check out the Ben Lee Blog feed on Livejournal! benleeblogger

1. No abusing other members.
2. No typing in annoying internet-slang. Just type normally. It's a lot easier to read.
3. This is for FANS of Ben Lee. If you join to insult him in an attempt to piss us off, you'll be banned.
4. Advertising for other communities is okay, as long as they are relevent to Ben Lee. For example, posting a rating community is not relevent but a community for Ben Kweller would be.
5. We don't want to hear how much you want to be Ben Lee's girlfriend. We don't care, honestly.

If you break any of these rules you'll get a warning.
If you do the same thing twice you'll be banned.
Go read a book or go outside.

When you join you might as well fill out an application.
You won't be rated or anything like that but it's just so we know what you're like.

How you heard of Ben Lee:
Favorite Ben Lee album & song:
Ben Lee shows you've gone to:
Other favorite bands/musicians:

That's all I can think of.
Feel free to make any suggestions to better this community.

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