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Madison, WI Sep 29 07

Into the Dark:

I finally got to my first Ben Lee show! (and thusly finally seeing all of The Bens, that was only two years in the making)

And it was a really splendid show, despite the fact that he was opening for Mandy Moore.

The Set list as I remember it, I wrote it down, and now I can't find it! I did drive nearly 300 miles to accomplish this feat.

Started with the following:
1. American Television
2. Sex Without Love
3. Into the Dark
Then I don't remember the order of the following:
What Would Jay-Z Do?
Gamble Everything for Love
Love Me Like the World is Ending
Catch My Disease

Ended with: We're All in this Together

I know I'm missing a couple. He played for over an hour. Which was amazing. I left before Mandy Moore came on. I had to get back home (which didn't happen until way after 3 AM anyway). But from pictures in newspapers I guess Ben came out during her set.

Anyway. We, flowerofsilver and I, asked about The Bens reuniting that everyone's talking about. And he said eventually, it's just hard to get their schedules to match. Well obviously. Mr. Lee has just put out RIPE, and then Kweller and Folds are both currently in the studio. Kweller's recording two albums even so he doesn't have to stop touring. Interesting concept.

Brooke and I also decided that we were going to be really nerdy and she wore a BK shirt and I wore a Folds shirt to note our accomplishment of finally completing what we call "our Ben Set." We told him this during the meet-and-greet at the merch table (what's with no t-shirts?) and he promptly said; "I noticed."

And even though you're not my friend on Facebook (unless you are...) here's my pictures from the night: http://wartburg.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2016026&l=fecd1&id=123700160 I'll get them up on photobucket eventually. We were front row. Yeah!
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